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Siding with True Construction is practice in sustainability! Our clients can count on a job well done, and the knowledge that they’re doing the most good. That’s because we employ only the most practical sustainable materials, ethical labor sourcing, and responsible disposal methods. From start to finish, you can count on True to keep your home on the up and up!

The high cost of cheap siding falls on both the environment, and the client stuck with second-rate materials. High energy costs, the rate of failure of poorly made material, and the impact of sourcing and manufacturing the cheap product all come with a hefty carbon footprint. The easiest thing for us to do is to use quality material and an expert team of installers. This means that you can count on your siding to last for longer, while taking a bit of the burden off of the environment.

Siding Inspection

When to Replace Your Home Siding

Keeping your home covered is an important job. Knowing when it’s time to replace your siding can be a tricky business, but True is ready to help! A few signs that it’s time to start shopping around include:

Gaps in Siding

If you are seeing spaces opening up in your siding, or if your siding no longer lies flat, it could be a sign of warping. Warped siding isn’t doing its job and it’s time to move on. Cracks and spaces allow moisture in, and once you have a moisture problem, you’re going to have a rot problem.

Mold, Moisture, and Rot in Home Siding

Not only is rot a health concern, it is a direct threat to the structural integrity of your home. If the rot is contained to only a few strips, you may be able to replace only the affected pieces. If, however, the rot has gone beneath the surface, or spread to more of your home, it’s time to consider a full replacement.

Failing Siding & Unexplainable Utility Bills

If your energy use is climbing, an energy audit can tell you were your home is losing efficiency. If your doors and windows are clear, your siding is the next culprit. Feel around your electrical outlets, fixtures, and walls. If your siding is letting the cold in, it’s not doing its job, and it’s time to look at replacement.

Siding Inspection For Home Sale

If you’re planning a move, new siding increases resale value and curb appeal instantly! If you’ve been stuck on the market too long, get a fresh look and get ready to sell.

Our work is done with pride and integrity, and with the knowledge that we have done everything we can for our client, and for the world they live in. We look forward to making your home, and the world, a little better place to live!

Most ECO-Friendly Siding? Green Siding Options

Choosing the best sustainable siding is not always clear cut and dry to say the least. While at face value a material like wood siding would seem to be the most green, in reality it may not always be the case.

LP - Building Solutions

LP SmartSide products are engineered to withstand weather elements, impact, and the passage of time.

LP Smartside vs. James Hardie

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